Explaining technological change. Creating acceptance for transformation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been in use as technologies for many years. And has often only marginally affected public interest. This changed last year with the introduction of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI): OpenAI's AI chatbot ChatGPT and various AI-based image generators such as Stable Diffusion, Dall:e and Midjourney radically changed the discourse around AI. Because its use is now easily accessible to many people, it has become more prominent in the public consciousness.

As a communications agency, it is our job to accompany this change. Companies must successfully communicate the impact that AI-based technologies have on their industries and the reality of people's lives and work. They need to create acceptance for AI tools that make things more efficient in a welcome way. And talk responsibly about the opportunities and risks. We are happy to help with this.

Communicating opportunities and risks responsibly: PR topic AI

From strategy consulting to campaign development and implementation: Oseon supports you in communicating your view of technological change in a clear, responsible and target group-oriented manner: Be it in product PR, C-level positioning and thought leadership campaigns or in the form of influencer PR.

Transparent communication for greater acceptance and trust

GenAI presents communication professionals with a real challenge. Building trust in companies and their services or products has always been quite a task. If these are now also based on content created with GenAI, this leads to new risks. On the one hand, there may be problems such as incorrect or biased information. On the other hand, companies must reduce mistrust of this technological progress among users, otherwise there is a risk of reputational damage.

The key question that companies need to answer: What tasks can an AI take on and how safely can it do so? This question must be discussed in a user-oriented, authentic and honest manner in order to engage target groups and create acceptance.

In a swamp of vague communication around future technologies, clear, human messages stand out clearly and make companies interesting and unique.

Daniel Junglas, associate director & expert for tech-PR

AI not only influences what we communicate, but also how we communicate

Resourceful AI criminals are unfortunately one of the negative side effects of our time. Sophisticated deepfakes demonstrate that you have to look very carefully in the digital space and decide who and what you can believe. It is therefore necessary to create and secure trust. One way to do this is through transparent, clear corporate communication on all relevant channels. Credible company representatives who share their knowledge and market expertise as thought leaders also help here. Finally, owned media such as a company magazine or corporate blog offer the opportunity to give in-house experts and C-level executives a voice vis-à-vis customers.