PR & digital communication for Healthcare 4.0 in Germany 

In no other industry in the DACH market is digitalization improving people's lives as directly and sustainably as in the healthcare sector. Digital technologies are finding their way into all levels of the healthcare sector and are leading us towards preventive, personalized and predictive medicine - medicine 4.0. Technological innovations are emerging around the course of a patient's health and illness, the patient journey, in diagnostics, in hospital and practice management and in research, which are taking healthcare to a new level.

As a communications agency, we know how important it is to make complex solutions understandable and accessible - for industry experts (HCP), investors and the trade press as well as the general public. In the sensitive area of healthcare, this requires particular sensitivity.

From PR to social media: We communicate your health and medtech topics in Germany

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From strategy consulting and campaign development to the implementation of individual tactics. We support healthtech providers in areas such as positioning and brand development, press relations and influencer PR, content marketing and social media, crisis communication as well as events, trade fairs and conferences.

Your PR task: Healthtech requires knowledge and acceptance on many levels

The healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors in Germany. And the Federal Minister of Health is pushing ahead with the digitalization strategy. By 2025, 80 percent of people with statutory health insurance are to have an electronic patient record (ePa), communication processes are to be paperless, assisted telemedicine is to be expanded and, last but not least, research using data is to be initiated.

This development requires the acceptance and trust of healthcare professionals and users. Healthtech companies must ensure that their solutions are perceived as useful and reliable by doctors and healthcare providers, but also by patients and other stakeholders. Everyone involved must understand the benefits of the technology and how it works, and they must be convinced beyond doubt of its safety.

Healthtechs need the trust and acceptance of specialist users and patients in order to successfully enter the market. The meaning, purpose and, above all, the safety of innovations must be communicated in an understandable way.

Anita Haak, account manager & healthtech expert

Particularly tricky: German regulatory challenges and data protection

The healthcare sector is heavily regulated to ensure the safety of patients and consumers. Every technological solution must comply with complex legal requirements, which in turn can vary by country and region. Companies need patience and expertise to obtain approval for medical devices or prescription health apps, the DiGas, while complying with standards and data protection regulations. We also bring both to the table and ensure compliant communication with the necessary knowledge of industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Sensitive medical data also requires the highest level of protection. Healthtechs must implement appropriate security measures to protect patient data from unauthorized access. It is part of the communication task to convey this security.