PR and digital communication for the DACH region - with expertise, method and passion

Your organization is unique. And so it's only logical that your PR and marketing measures can't come off the shelf. Our agency services are based on what you want to achieve in the German market and what your German audience is looking for. We never lose sight of your goal and tailor all communication measures to your individual  – and our market's – needs. And we regularly check whether we are still on the right track.

Whether individual services or a comprehensive communication concept: we value a systematic approach from briefing to implementation. Good communication involves many disciplines. Therefore, we have positioned ourselves broadly:

Our services at a glance

1. Strategy

Strategically sound communication begins with an analysis of the situation and a clear definition of objectives. We work with you to create this basis or optimize your existing strategy. We identify your strengths and opportunities, what sets you apart from the competition, where and how we can reach your target group and goals. We work with you to define communicative guiding principles and core messages, use our editorial eye to search for topics and develop your individual communication concept.

Our services include

  • analysis of objectives & evaluation of campaign success
  • strategy development & positioning
  • development of messages, topics, corporate & brand narratives
  • creative concepts

Communication with business impact needs clearly defined goals and a sound strategy. There are no shortcuts to success.

Tapio Liller, founder & managing partner

2. Thought Leadership & Product PR

Whether as an individual service or as part of a communication strategy - media relations is one of our core competencies. Our media contacts are excellent. Our sense for editorial needs is finely tuned. We get your messages into the relevant media. From the trade press, business media and high-reach daily press to consumer & lifestyle titles, blogs and podcasts.

We provide you with

  • topic-based or event-driven media work
  • data-driven PR
  • thought leadership PR
  • product PR and sales-supporting PR
  • creation of a wide range of content formats from classic press releases, guest articles and case studies to content for online communication
  • reputation & issue management

3. Content Marketing

As an agency with its roots in PR, we do content marketing by definition: we communicate for companies without the "market shouting" of advertisers, but with content that offers added value. We tell good stories on topics that truly interest your target group. Our content entertains, captivates and informs. Because at the end of the day, we are not addressing a "target group" but real people. And it's important to win them over.

The more useful your potential customers find your content, the more trust and loyalty they will have towards your company, your products and your services. This results in content that reaches your target group on the right channels and contributes to your business goals.

4. Socia Media

There is hardly a way around digital communication on social media platforms for any company. Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube: We support you in identifying the right channel for your target groups and using it effectively. In the B2C and B2B sectors.

Our services include

  • development of social media strategies
  • setting up and maintaining your social media channels
  • channel-specific content creation
  • social media management
  • community management

5. Corporate Communications & Employer Branding

Expectations are high: The public, including applicants, employees and customers, want to know your positioning on publicly relevant topics such as diversity, sustainability and female leadership. A wide range of digital and traditional channels are available for corporate communications. Let's use them together and create a positive, authentic corporate image that reaches the public.

Benefit from our experience in areas such as

  • employer branding
  • (digital) corporate communications for internal and external corporate communications
  • CEO profiling/positioning and corporate influencer campaigns to strengthen your corporate ambassadors and position managers and experts
  • content production for corporate blogs, social media posts for Instagram to LinkedIn and A/V content

6. Word of mouth

Word of mouth (WOM), i.e. recommendations from influencers or other opinion leaders, increases the visibility and attractiveness of companies and products in a credible way. Genuine recommendations promote sales, increase reach and - on social media channels - dialog with the target group. We use the right multipliers for your goals and target groups on the right channels.

Together, we identify and define the right influencers for you, a target-oriented strategy and the content for your referral marketing campaign.

7. Trainings & Workshops

We are happy to share our knowledge with you and help you to deepen your expertise in-house. We offer a range of training courses and workshops, including

  • media and presentation training
  • LinkedIn workshops
  • storyline and messaging workshops
  • strategy workshops

Are you ready for Oseon?

Good communications needs time. Miracles overnight are for others to come up with.

Manuela Moore, managing partner

If you want to work with us, a few things should fit:

  • You are willing to work with us to find the right solution for your company. This is important to us, because a partnership produces better results than just treatimg your agency as extended work bench.
  • You are aware that good communication takes time to succeed. You can plan and invest for the long term accordingly. 
  • Your planned budget matches your objectives. Campaigns almost never fail because of money, but because of the gap between expectations and achievable impact. We want to avoid this in your interests.

Does that sound strict? Perhaps. But why should we make compromises when you would do just as little? So, let's talk about your communication task in person!

International PR

For many German companies, from mature start-ups to medium-sized businesses to DAX-listed corporations, the market naturally doesn't end at national borders. That's why we can also implement centrally managed campaigns almost anywhere in the world via our global partner network. So feel free to contact us for international PR tasks as well!

Gender-conscious language in PR

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