We add value through communications with business impact

Your organisation is one of a kind. So why would you buy communications services off the shelf? Therefore, we take a methodical, yet tailored approach when partnering with you. Our agency services are designed to meet your needs and resonate with what your stakeholders are looking for.

Communication with business impact needs clearly defined goals and a sound strategy. There are no shortcuts to success.

Tapio Liller, Managing Partner

PR consulting with a methodical twist

We put a strong emphasis on a systematic approach all the way from the brief to the implementation of communication programmes. Our bespoke UNICORE process provides the consulting framework and creates the foundations for outcomes with business impact. This process is divided into three areas that build on each other. 

1. Strategy work

Strategically sound communication begins with an analysis of the situation and well-defined goals. However, very few organisations already have this in place. To be sure that's not a bad thing, as we like to get into the game early on and help create the foundations of impactful strategies. We will clarify how deep we should dig in during an initial meeting and in the onboarding phase of our cooperation.

2. Storytelling

Once the approach has been set, it's all about substance. We work with you to define key messages, use our journalistic perspective to find the right issues and develop a narrative for your organisation that will resonate with your stakeholders. All this then finds its place in plans for long-term PR work and concepts for creative campaigns that make your story visible.

3. Content & campaigning

Once the goals, strategy and narrative are in place, it's time for action. This is where our many years of experience as PR experts for complex issues comes into play. For our media work, we can build on first-class, robust relationships with the editorial teams of industry trade, business and consumer publications. We produce a wide range of content for "owned" and "earned" media - be it text, video or other visual content. We also manage social media presences from Instagram pages to CEO profiling on LinkedIn.

Our services in detail

Strategy work
  • Analyses for baseline measurement & evaluation of campaign success
  • Clarification of objectives with CxOs & Senior PR/Marketing Execs
  • Strategy development for
    • Corporate Communications
    • Media Relations
    • Content, Digital & Social Media
    • CxO positioning & corporate influencers
  • Message Development
  • Corporate & Brand Narratives
  • Theme Development
  • Creative Concept
Media work
  • Issue-based media work with
    • Business & financial media
    • Daily newspapers
    • Trade publications
  • Event-driven media work for
    • Product launches
    • Market entry launches
    • Venture capital rounds
    • New appointments to management positions
  • CEO & Founder profiling
Content creation
  • Creation of formats for online content
  • Ghostwriting for trade, business and online media of all kinds
    • By-lined articles
    • OpEds, commentaries & columns
  • Social media content
    • LinkedIn & XING for companies and managers
    • Instagram/Facebook for brands
    • Blogposts & web magazines
  • Video & audio production

International PR

For many German companies, from mature start-ups to medium-sized businesses to DAX-listed corporations, the market naturally doesn't end at national borders. That's why we can also implement centrally managed campaigns almost anywhere in the world via our global partner network. So feel free to contact us for international PR tasks as well!

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