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Your organization is unique. It really is! You may be competing with other companies, but your target audiences are just as different as your business goals and your products or services. And thus, it is only logical that your communications shouldn't be off-the-shelf, but tailored to your exact requirements. We take a structured and methodical approach when we team up with you. 


Tapio Liller, Managing Partner

Our Services - An overview

Our range of services covers five areas, with dozens of sub-disciplines depending on the task and objective. To list them all would be window dressing. That's why here, we'll just briefly describe our approach for each phase of our collaboration. We will talk about the details in person. We hope you agree, do you?

1. Clarification of Objectives

Cross your heart! Can you explain in a few sentences what a PR agency should do for your company? In our experience, very few people seem to be able to do that off the cuff. And that's not even a bad thing, really. Because we like to get involved early on. For example, when it comes to defining what you want to achieve with the help of PR and corporate communications. For us, clarifying objectives is the be-all and end-all. Because without clearly defined goals, any strategic recommendation will be misguided. So after getting to know you and your organization first, we will work with you to define your objectives and what successful communications means for your company.

2. Strategy & Concept

Once your communication objectives have been defined, it's time to lay out a communication strategy. This, too, is best done together. We have developed workshop formats, which we use to find out together which approach to PR and digital communications is right for your company and precisely your stakeholders. Next, we focus on topics, messages and stories - in other words, on what you and your company's spokespeople have to say. At the very end of this consulting process stands the conceptual plan for a communications campaign that meets your objectives and is as effective as possible. After all, the tools a PR agency uses depend entirely on what it is trying to achieve on behalf of its clients. For this reason, shortcuts that skip over goal clarification and strategy make no sense. So be prepared to be a part of the process!

3. Campaigning

Once the goals, strategy, campaign idea and plan are in place, it's time for implementation. This is where our many years of experience as PR people for complex issues come into play. We maintain first-class, dependable relationships with the editorial teams of trade, business and industry publications all over Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. When it comes to broadcast PR, we work with specialized partners. And to be sure, modern communication is no longer conceivable without strategically integrated online communication in "owned media" and social channels. That's why it also plays an important role in our work, from concept development to campaigning. Together with social media specialists, we also work with paid media when it makes sense to do so.

4. Content

Positive progress needs the trust of the individuals who are expected to embrace and shape change. Professional content that conveys the necessary knowledge and helps build this trust is a central component of our campaigns. We find topics, develop formats, and produce copy, images, videos, and everything else in between that ensures attention turns into interest and, ultimately, a propensity to buy or a change in behavior. For design, photography, video and web development, we work with proven partners.

5. International PR

For many German companies, from mature start-ups to medium-sized businesses to DAX-listed corporations, the market obviously doesn't end at national borders. That's why we also have the capabilities to implement centrally managed campaigns almost anywhere in the world via our global partner network. So feel free to contact us for international PR tasks as well!

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