From ad fraud to zero party: angles for your adtech & martech PR in Germany

If there is one industry in the DACH region that has no shortage of topics to communicate about, it is the adtech industry. From zero-party data to third-party data, the cookieless future, Google's privacy sandbox, ad fraud and transparency, GDPR, data sovereignty, consent and attribution to in-game advertising, retail media, cohort targeting and audio marketing. The list could go on for pages, and even then the entire range of modern digital marketing would still not be covered. If you want to stand out here, you need a good communication strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition and make your voice heard.

Adtech and martech - short for marketing technologies - are no longer just tech topics, but levers for competitive advantage. And with the latest developments in the area of data sovereignty and data protection, the in-house use of marketing technologies and consumers' increasing weariness with advertising and data sensitivity, adtech has long since made it onto the agenda of corporate decision-makers. This makes it all the more important for digital marketing companies to adapt their language and the depth of their communication to this target group. We are happy to assist you with this.

From PR to social media: We communicate your adtech and e-commerce topics in Germany

Are you looking for fresh impetus for your product PR, do you need support with CEO positioning or content marketing?

From strategy consulting and campaign development to the implementation of individual tactics. We support adtech and e-commerce providers in areas such as positioning and brand development, press relations and influencer PR, content marketing and social media, crisis communication as well as events, trade fairs and conferences.

In order to position our customers in the fast-moving German advertising technology market, we rely on a triad of innovative topics, exciting discussions and proximity to the needs of the target group. For InfoSum, for example, we consistently focus on the topic of data protection and privacy - a subject close to our hearts, not only at management level, but also one of the most important topics in the industry. At the same time, the nature of communication around the core topic of data clean rooms is constantly updated and adapted to the new (market) conditions. For Adform, our focus is on the latest topics and developments in the market and on making them understandable and tangible - whether in the form of columns, interviews or surveys.

We help our clients show some spine and call a spade a spade to cut through in the noisy adtech market.

Gerrit Breustedt, partner & adtech expert

In a changing market good PR is a business asset

According to a BVDW forecast, over EUR 5.5 billion will be generated with digital display advertising in Germany in 2023. Despite the negative macroeconomic effects, digital marketing has proven resilient and is showing positive growth rates in 2022. And the next growth opportunity has arrived in the mainstream: According to forecasts by the IAB, retail media in Europe will be a €25 billion market in 2026, measured by advertising spend. If this forecast is correct, retail media will have overtaken TV advertising by then.

The pace of development and the expansion of the digital ecosystem overwhelm anyone who is not 100% up to speed. Players come and go. New companies enter the market or merge. Consultancies and traditional IT companies are buying in and looking for their piece of the pie. At the same time, a new trend topic is hyped almost every week. As if that wasn't enough, Google's decision to switch off third-party cookies in January 2024 brings further uncertainty to the market - at least on the part of the recipients, i.e. advertisers.

The adtech industry is fast-moving, innovation-driven and riddled with anglicisms and technical terms. For the PR of technology and service companies in this competitive market, it is important to clearly and vividly highlight their own added value while keeping an eye on the macro trends in the industry. This is exactly what we do successfully for our clients.