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If there is one industry that has no shortage of things to talk about, it's the adtech industry. From zero-party data to third-party data, a future without cookies, Google's privacy sandbox, ad fraud and transparency via the GDPR, data sovereignty, consent and attribution to in-game advertising, cohort targeting or audio marketing... The list could go on and on, and even then the entire repertoire of modern digital marketing would not be covered. If you want to stand out here, you need a good PR strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition and to make your voice heard.

The market is booming and it's getting confusing, once again

In 2021, according to the BVDW, more than 5 billion euros were turned over with digital display advertising in Germany. A whopping 25 percent growth was calculated by the BVDW's Online-Vermarkterkreis (OVK) for last year. The Corona pandemic continues to be a catalyst for the already booming digital advertising market and especially the area of programmatic advertising.

The pace of development and the expansion of the digital ecosystem overwhelms anyone who is not 100% in the know. Players come and go. New companies enter the market or merge. Consultancies and traditional IT firms are buying in and looking for their piece of the pie. And at the same time, a new trend topic is hyped almost every week.  As if that wasn't enough, Google's announcement to switch off third-party cookies brings further uncertainty into the market - at least on the part of the recipients, i.e. the advertisers, the companies driving advertising.

The adtech industry is fast-moving, innovation-driven and riddled with lingo and technical jargon. For the PR of technology vendors and service providers in this competitive market, it is important to clearly and vividly elaborate one's added value and at the same time keep an eye on the macro trends of the industry.

This is exactly what we do successfully for our clients. 

Photo: Lorenzo Fattò Offidani on Unsplash

Punching above your weight  – with expertise and strong opinions

Adtech and martech - short for marketing technologies - have long since ceased to be pure tech issues, but are now levers for competitive advantage. And with the recent developments in data sovereignty and data protection, in-housing of marketing technologies as well as the increasing advertising fatigue and data sensitivity of consumers, adtech has made its way onto the agenda of corporate decision-makers. This makes it all the more important for digital marketing players to adapt their language and the depth of their communication to this target group.

For our clients, we define and sharpen the juiciest storylines and most powerful messages in strategy and issue workshops. And we also prepare them to show some spine and, in an already "noisy" opinion market, not to use soft Teflon phrases, but to call a spade a spade.

We help our clients show some spine and call a spade a spade to cut through in the noisy adtech market.

Gerrit Breustedt, Partner & Adtech expert

To position our clients in this fast-moving market, we rely on a triad of innovative topics, exciting discussions and proximity to the needs of the target group.

One example: For adtech consultants MINT Square, for example, we consistently address the issue of transparency - a topic close to the hearts not only of the company founders, but also one that is important throughout the industry. The communication around this core topic is constantly updated and adapted to new (market) conditions.

For Adform, our focus is on the latest hot issues and developments in the market and on making them understandable and tangible - whether in the guise of a column or an interview, the main thing is to do it quickly.

Let's talk about what you have to say!

If you would like to know how we can support your adtech company, which topics you can and should be addressing and what exactly we mean by spine, then let's arrange a meeting. We'll get to know each other, talk about your business and communication goals and approach the question of how they can be achieved. One hour of your time is enough. Click here to go directly to our contact page:

Adtech events: Where to meet us

In addition to many small events on the most diverse topics in the industry (from video advertising to SEA), a few flagship online marketing conferences have developed. They are must-attend events, class reunions and a constant source of inspiration. You will also meet us at many of them. Let us know if you’d like to meet!

  • d3con, Hamburg, 26.-27.4.2022
  • OMR, Hamburg, 17.-18.5.2022
  • dmexco, Köln, 21.-22.9.2022