Paving the way for a new work culture: with a German PR agency for HR at your side

Skilled workers are running out, there are more myths than facts about the much sought-after Gen Z on the labor market, one collective bargaining strike follows the next. New technologies are shaking up entrenched work structures and constantly placing new demands on our working world. HR must constantly adapt to far-reaching social developments and has therefore become all the more dynamic in recent years. Good communication helps to maintain an overview here. Because while scientists and politicians are still debating questions such as the usefulness of New Work measures like the 4-day week or the right to work from home, decision-makers in business need one thing above all: hands-on solutions and answers. 

With demographic change coming to a head, questions about sensible tools, effective recruiting strategies and targeted employer branding will become even more pressing in the coming years. For companies that have answers to these questions, there is probably no better time for PR than now. As a PR agency for recruitment agencies and providers of collaboration tools, we can help you communicate your solutions for one of the most dynamic industries of our time to the right target groups.  

From PR to social media: We communicate your HR topics in Germany

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From strategy consulting and campaign development to the implementation of individual tactics. We support HR service and collaboration providers in areas such as positioning and brand development, press relations and influencer PR, content marketing and social media, crisis communication as well as events, trade fairs and conferences.

HR phenomena such as skills shortages or New Work as corner topics for your PR

The labour market is currently characterized by two phenomena in particular: Firstly, there is demographic change and the associated shortage of skilled workers. According to the BMWK, the working-age population (i.e. the 20-65 age group) will shrink by 3.9 million people by 2030 and by a total of 10.2 million people by 2060. Almost 45% of professions in Germany are already facing a shortage of skilled workers. Professions in the skilled trades, STEM fields, production and manufacturing, construction and building technology and the healthcare sector are particularly affected by the shortage of skilled workers. Advancing digitalization is also contributing to the fact that skills shortages among IT experts will increase even more in the future. Recruiting and employee retention are the two central topics that HR managers deal with on a daily basis - and must therefore be central elements of every HR communication campaign. 

The second phenomenon that has experienced a real upswing as a result of the pandemic is New Work. According to a survey in 2023, 61% of German employees would like a legal right to work from home. According to the survey, 40 percent of those currently working in hybrid mode would look for a new job if they were suddenly banned from working from home. And these are just two examples of the new demands that employees are placing on their jobs today.

As a communications agency, we help you to position yourself in this environment and integrate your products and services into current debates.

Good communication on the topic of New Work must be authentic, trust-building and close to the information needs of the target group. If your topics do not offer real added value for your audience, your communication will come to nothing.

Jennifer Weiß, PR expert for New Work

Referenten that spark for themselves

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Whether it's a job portal, an labour law firm or a video conferencing gadget, those who have New Work solutions need to communicate 

The growing influence of new technologies - especially in the field of automation and AI - is also setting the tone and changing the market in human resources and (further) education. No matter if you are a recruitment agency, job portal, job board, headhunter or an employment law firm: Your public relations and marketing must be so authentic, purposeful and spot-on that you can stand out amidst the flurry of activity surrounding new services, innovative products and forward-looking opinions.

You must succeed in leaving a lasting impression with your brand and winning the trust of your target group - because new work is not least a matter of trust. In addition, you have to choose carefully on which channels you address your target groups, because also in terms of communication, the music plays mainly online.