Communications for New Work – or the question of how we really want to work

A labour market in flux, new technologies, a growing service sector where creativity and skills make new connections. All this under the influence of an inexorable demographic change and a pandemic now two years running that has fundamentally challenged routines in the workplace as well as in private life.

In this confluence of circumstances, the former hype concept of "new work" has matured and is being interpreted more and more seriously. It is no longer just about a philosophy for more employer attractiveness. It is about new forms of work, how technology can support them and, in the end, how it all fits with us humans who are increasingly seeking meaning in our work. For companies that have answers to this, there has probably never been a better moment for PR than now.

Photo: Anna Samoylova on Unsplash

Whether it's a job portal, an labour law firm or a video conferencing gadget, those who have New Work solutions need to communicate 

The growing influence of new technologies - especially in the field of automation and AI - is also setting the tone and changing the market in human resources and (further) education. No matter if you are a recruitment agency, job portal, job board, headhunter or an employment law firm: Your public relations and marketing must be so authentic, purposeful and spot-on that you can stand out amidst the flurry of activity surrounding new services, innovative products and forward-looking opinions.

You must succeed in leaving a lasting impression with your brand and winning the trust of your target group - because new work is not least a matter of trust. In addition, you have to choose carefully on which channels you address your target groups, because also in terms of communication, the music plays mainly online.

Communication on New Work issues must be authentic, trust-building and up close to the stakeholders' need for information. If your communication doesn't deliver real added value for your audience, you might as well let it be.

Verena Knödler, Director Consumer & Head of Digital Communications

With a flair for topics & authenticity to PR success

We support companies from the HR sector and related areas in finding the right communication strategy. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on an individual approach. For the international job platform Monster, for example, this means focusing on positioning the brand as a job platform "at your side" and presenting the company as a close supporter in job issues.

We focus on current issues for which corresponding traffic via search engines can be expected and provide valuable assistance in classic media, on social media and within the framework of landing pages that make working life and career easier: the right to a home office, application tips after a dismissal, tips for career changers or professional advice for the next salary negotiation.

The Norwegian start-up "No Isolation", on the other hand, faced the challenge of bringing its telepresence avatar to German schools. Read how our work helped secure valuable pilot applications and thus enable market entry in a particularly sensitive edtech environment.