New paths for the German travel industry: leading the way with traveltech PR

Whether it's new technologies such as self-service solutions, sustainability measures to reduce emissions or other changes to improve the guest experience, hoteliers have the right leverage to positively shape the hospitality industry in the long term. They need support and advice from travel tech companies to pull this lever and fully exploit the potential of tech innovations.

However, the traveltech market is a mixed bag. Newly emerging start-ups and product innovations, which in turn require new interfaces, make it difficult for decision-makers to maintain an overview. For traveltechs, communicative support is therefore the order of the day so that hoteliers choose you as a partner. And when it comes to good communication, you've come to the right place.

From PR to social media: We communicate your traveltech topics in Germany

Are you looking for fresh impetus for your product PR, do you need support with CEO positioning or content marketing?

From strategy consulting and campaign development to the implementation of individual tactics. We support traveltechs in areas such as positioning and brand development, press relations and influencer PR, content marketing and social media, crisis communication as well as events, trade fairs and conferences.

Traveltechs target consumer and B2B markets

At Oseon, we have been working with companies in the travel & hospitality industry, such as Guestline, for a number of years, helping them to gain a foothold and grow in the German-speaking markets. Whether B2B solutions or B2C offers, it almost always starts with the development of a communication strategy adapted to local conditions. This is the only way to implement a PR program that supports the ambitious growth targets of these companies. The first communication objective is almost always to raise awareness of a specific industry problem for which a travel tech company offers a solution.

PR topic: The DACH hospitality industry between tradition and modernity

The discussions currently taking place in the industry about the digital guest journey are not about reducing personal contact or even replacing employees. On the contrary: technological changes offer guests new options, give employees more time to fully exploit their role as hosts and can even help to reduce emissions and save resources - a real win-win situation for everyone involved.

Traveltechs operate in a complex field of tension between technological innovations, sustainability efforts and the rising expectations of guests and hoteliers. This calls for strategic communication that makes the importance of a reliable technology partner visible.

Manuela Moore, managing partner 

PR success factors for the German market: thought leadership and sustainability communication

In the dynamic market environment of technology providers, even the best innovations first have to assert themselves in the fierce competition of the travel industry. The competition is fierce, the travel companions numerous. This makes it all the more important to have a coherent communication strategy that creates awareness and builds and protects the reputation of the often still young companies. Due to the increasing complexity of the solutions, the knowledge and expertise of knowledgeable and opinionated experts is particularly important.

Sustainability aspects are playing an ever greater role in the consumer segment and increasingly also in the B2B segment. Tour operators as well as traveltechs and hoteliers should therefore be ready and willing to report transparently on their efforts to protect the planet and its resources - even if they are still in the early stages. Every step in the right direction is important! For example, the more the topic of CO₂ emissions during travel moves onto the agenda of guests, the more the travel industry must secure its "license to operate" through strategic communication. In other words, it is about the long-term viability of the business.