PR for IT companies and cloud software providers – A question of added value

When companies from the enterprise IT, cloud solutions or software-as-a-service (SaaS) sectors contact us to discuss PR support, they often address the same challenge and have the identical request. The problem: Their offerings seem too complicated or too interchangeable for journalists to consider in their reporting. And the aspiration: to finally succeed in being heard by management, boards of directors or IT departments.

Both of these are understandable and perfectly legitimate demands placed with a PR agency like us, whose team has been able to explain complex and challenging technology issues for many years. The key to successful PR for enterprise IT companies lies in communication strategies that succeed in abstracting from the product and translating the business benefits into the language of the decision-makers.

Our work: Effective and award-winning

For example, our award-winning campaign "In the blind spot" for eDiscovery software vendor Recommind (now part of OpenText), we achieved both: high-profile visibility in top tier media and impact on the sales pipeline. With a strong content strategy and high-quality media relations around the topics of compliance and eDiscovery software, we secured coverage in leading German business titles such as Wirtschaftswoche and FAZ. We built Recommind's reputation for an entirely new use case for the application of its software, which resulted in an ROI of 1:12 for every PR-Europ. A business impact deemed worthy of a PR Report Award in 2016, no less.

Cross-media theme planning: The key to effective PR campaigns

It is a lot of work to explain complex products and topics to the media and to generate leads. That's why we put great emphasis on thinking crossmedia right from the start and planning content across all channels. Our UNICORE strategy process with its planning tools and our methodology for planning editorial topics help us to do this, just as the trade and business editors would.

The topics and the content we develop are then used via a variety of PR tactics in press briefings, contributed articles, customer success stories, social media posts, white papers and lead generation campaigns.

The key to success in PR for B2B IT companies is thinking like a journalists when developing pitches and content.

Julia della Peruta, Director Enterprise IT & Services

Our goal: Happy customer that stay with us

Our way of implementing communication programmes for B2B companies in the field of enterprise IT, cloud and SaaS has been successful for many years. Long-standing relationships with our clients speak for themselves.

For example, we helped Veeam Software transform from a tool provider to the top dog in terms of availability over a period of six years. The SaaS company Zendesk - now a global player for customer service and CRM from the cloud - has relied on Oseon since 2012. And Uniserv, a provider of customer data management software from Pforzheim, Germany, has been loyal to us for almost as long.

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