With foresight and vision: PR for mobility & logistics in Germany

Autonomous driving, alternative drives, drone deliveries, smart cities, infrastructure, environmental and noise protection. The needs of customers and travellers clash with economic interests and globalization. Limited public space, climate policy and environmental protection provide a further framework. Long supply chains and strong dependencies make the mobility transition a multifaceted and highly complex task. Each stakeholder group has a different idea of how people and goods should move in the future. And finally, technological progress also raises new questions in terms of infrastructure planning, skills shortages, strategic partnerships and, of course, data protection.

Communication in silos therefore clearly falls short when it comes to this cross-cutting issue. Rather, it requires networked thinking, visions, conviction and motivation as well as long-term communication.

From PR to social media: We communicate your mobility topics in the German market

As a PR agency specializing in mobility and logistics, we help you to follow the public debates of your stakeholders and make your voice heard. We keep an eye on your target media and thus develop starting points for issue jumps, accompany them and ensure success monitoring.

With strategic foresight, structure and multimedia expertise, we advise you on the path to opinion leadership. Brand development, CEO positioning, press relations, influencer PR and content marketing are just as much a part of our wealth of experience as social media and communicative resilience.

In the fast lane with good PR and local insights

Digitalization and connectivity are driving the mobility revolution. They interlink various mobility components and thus simplify the combination of different modes of transport. This opens up new business models and mobility concepts that are expected to have great economic potential. According to Statista, the global volume of the Mobility-as-a-Service market is set to rise to over 372 billion US dollars by 2026. Increasing challenges such as traffic congestion, lack of parking spaces and rising fuel and electricity costs will further increase demand in the future.

New logistics concepts are also in high demand in the face of climate change, multiple crises and scarce resources. In the search for sustainable transport solutions, companies are focusing on combined logistics concepts and are also reflected in future versions of policy: the European Green Deal envisages shifting more transport from road to rail. This is important momentum for companies that offer combined solutions using smart technologies to make road transport more efficient.

References that speak for themselves

Would you like to know what makes us tick in terms of strategy consulting, conception and campaign management, and what successes we have already achieved for other companies in your field? Then simply read our industry case “Energy & Mobility”.

In order to drive the mobility transition towards more sustainability, we need to change our mindsets. We need new, simpler solutions from transport providers and information about the possibilities. Professional PR and long-term communication strategies are an important tool here

Daniel Junglas, associate director and mobility expert