Fintech – Earning trust and shaping the transformation of the financial services industry

Fintech is no longer a hype or passing fad. The industry is flourishing and constantly in flux. After the first wave of digitalisation of retail banking, trading and crypto fintechs have been playing a leading role in the industry debate lately.

However, the greatest potential probably lies in technology companies that have dedicated themselves to modernising the back-end systems of the financial industry. Here, the focus is on maximum security, a perfect fit with existing or to be modernised compliance processes and, of course, an increase in efficiency in order to make the notoriously low-margin, traditional banking business afloat again.

Just as the fintech industry is becoming increasingly professionalised, it also needs more professional communication. It is important to raise awareness and, above all, to gain and continuously re-earn the trust of users, investors and the media. And last but not least, the most important goal of fintechs is to gain access to the decision-makers at banks as partners. We are happy and passionate about helping with all of this.

Photo: Graeme Worsfold on Unsplash

A keen sense for the hot issues of the day and well-kept media contacts are the basis for successful fintech PR 

The speed at which fintech is developing calls for specialisation, also among us PR people. This is how we ensure that communication strategies can be implemented with impact. Our tools are a constantly up-to-date understanding of industry issues and the regulatory environment, plus story angles that inspire journalists writing about fintech for financial and business media. In addition, a certain routine in rolling out launch communications or PR around venture capital funding rounds, will be of great help. 

That's why we have built our own fintech team, which has supported a number of well-known financial technology start-ups in recent years. Past experience includes Kreditech and Funding Circle (both unfortunately no longer active on the German market) and the Dutch investment app PEAKS, whose Germany launch we managed.

The pace of the fintech industry demands a constantly updated sense of the issues and story approaches that will inspire journalists covering the sector for financial and business media.

Tapio Liller, Managing Partner

References from SME financing to anti-money laundering

In recent years, we have been working for the SME financiers of iwoca and have explained on behalf of  Hawk AI why banks' anti-money laundering efforts are in need of a fundamental reboot. In March 2022, we also started our partnership with the German-Estonian investment fintech Grünfin, that we successfully launched in Germany.

We aim to develop the right communication strategy for each fintech to support their growth plans and to get a PR programme rolling with high pro-activity in implementation. Let's talk about your ambitions in Germany, and see how we could help your fintech gain the share-of-voice it deserves.