Sustainable living and saving the climate need technology

Not only since the new German government took office have issues of sustainability, renewable energies or green finance received increasing attention from business circles and society at large. Greentechs –  also referred to as cleantechs or climatetechs – i.e. technology companies from the fields of environmental technology, sustainability, e-mobility, circular economy and renewable energies - now have the chance to help shape the public debate with effective communication. To do so, there is no way around target group-specific PR in order to set themselves apart from the competition with the right communication strategy in this growth market.

Competitive pressure rises as the Green Economy grows

Green tech and environmental technology are of enormous importance for Germany as a technology and industrial location. They are intended to provide solutions for the avoidance of environmentally harmful emissions, facilitate adapting to climate change and enable people and companies to interact in an environmentally friendly manner. In this way, they can make an important contribution to achieving climate goals and sustainable development, such as those envisaged by the European Green Deal or the German Climate Protection Act.

According to the current Greentech Atlas 2021 of the Federal Environment Ministry, green technologies account for around 15 percent of Germany's gross domestic product - with an upward trend. The German green economy is growing at an annual rate of 8.1 percent - and thus more strongly than other international markets.

There are currently around 6,000 green start-ups in Germany. Overall, German start-ups are becoming increasingly green: according to the Green Start-up Monitor 2021, around 30 percent of all German start-ups are green. This sector of the economy has great growth potential, but according to Handelsblatt, it often still fails at present due to a lack of capital and funding from the federal government.

Foto: Pagie Page on Unsplash

Strategic communication as a competitive advantage

For companies, this growth means increasing competitive pressure. The key is to highlight unique selling points, make a name for oneself and build awareness among the the target audiences. Especially highly sophisticated technical innovations will have a hard time finding their way on the market if there is no "translator" to explain new products to the target groups in a straightforward and compelling way. This is where professional PR comes in.

We help you develop the right PR strategy for your company. We understand your industry and are familiar with the channels through which your customers seek out information. We do not limit our communication approaches to classic media relations, but rather devise a holistic approach that takes various communication channels and formats into account. Even in the B2B sector, online communication in the form of social media, influencer relations and online platforms has become indispensable.

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