International PR

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Global reach with local expertise

We are firmly convinced that successful communication in a networked world must be conceived in global terms but implemented locally. Our partner agencies around the globe think alike. If you are looking for global reach for your company - or simply a recommendation for an agency in another country, feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you find the right partner. And if you prefer, we can act as "one agency" and coordinate all PR programmes around the globe centrally. This way, you have one point of contact for all communication needs and we take care of the rest.

Clarity Connections - Your global PR network

Oseon is an founding member of the network of independent PR agencies with a technology focus, initiated by Clarity. Through Clarity Connections, you get access to the local expertise of 30 agencies worldwide. If you plan to expand your company’s PR to the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Argentina, India, China or Singapore, we are happy to provide the right connections. Or serve as your local partner for the German-speaking markets.

Other agency partners

We also have long-standing friendly and trusted relationships with other PR agencies in the UK, France and the USA. Here is an overview with some keywords on the special competencies of our partners. Would you like an introduction? Just hit the button below!

PR agencies in the UK

  • Babel PR (London) - B2B tech, telecoms, eCommerce, consumer tech
  • Missive (London)- fintech & telecoms

PR agencies in France

  • LookSharp (Paris) - B2B technologies, consumer tech, green tech, brand communications
  • Fabriq PR (Paris) - consumer tech, B2B tech, fintech, cloud & SaaS
  • Océane Communication - enterprise IT, cloud

PR agency partner in the US

Let's talk about your international ambitions!