Nanna-Josephine Roloff

Associate Director
Anyone working with Nanna should be prepared for strong opinions and a healthy dose of tenacity. She always stands up for her values and convictions. Despite an always enthusiastic pursuit of her own ideas, she knows exactly when it's closing time and things should rather rest.

Nanna came to PR via a circuitous route: After studying politics and public law at the University of Passau, she worked for a political NGO. There, it quickly became clear to her that strategic communication was the only true path to success.

As the account manager for T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and Detecon International, she keeps an eye on all the issues and breaks down the complex of IT and digital transformation into compelling stories. She also understands how to illuminate the technological finesses of the adtech industry and other SaaS topics from ever new perspectives.

An equal society is particularly close to Nanna's heart. She sees her daily work as communicating values that contribute to this goal. She uses the strength that comes with communication for the positive and is happy about everyone who wants to be part of this journey.