Laura Bug

Account Manager
Laura loves to delve into new topics and use her freshly gained knowledge to think outside the box for her clients. The more complex the topic, the more she enjoys diving deep into it and making it understandable for every conceivable target group.

After a short excursion to the Spanish part of the Basque Country after her A-levels, Laura studied "something with languages". Her studies have taken her from the tranquil town of Gießen to Ghana and England. With the international experience she gained and her Master's degree in her pocket, she joined Oseon in 2019.

At Oseon, Laura has learned the ropes of PR and is part of both "Team Technologies" and "Team Services" here due to her versatile interests. In the two teams, she is manages national and international clients from the FinTech, Enterprise IT, SaaS and HR services sectors.