Anita Haak

Account Manager
Anita is passionate about cutting down complex topics to their essence, mixed with a touch of creativity, while also hitting the right notes with her clients.

Anita came to PR as a crossover. After initially pursuing a career as an architect and working in a web agency, the call to communication came to her late, but unmissably: she decided to go back to uni and studied online communication at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. During her internship semester, she found her way to Oseon in 2016 - and stayed.

Anita is in charge of customers from a wide range of technology sectors: for example, Uniserv with its expertise in data quality, fleet management software vendor Vimcar and digitisation consultants T-Systems Multimedia Solutions are part of her daily business.

Her eye for the essential benefits Anita both with long-standing clients to find new approaches to topics and with new clients to identify the relevant key messages.
 However, it is also important when managing various client-side social media channels.