AWARD-CASE: RECOMMIND (PR Report Award 2016)

in the Blind Spot - raising awareness for preventative compliance audits

Context and Task

Recommind's (today opentext eDiscovery's) software solutions are used by large law firms, government agencies and legal departments of corporations. Typical application scenarios are antitrust investigations, compliance checks and audits. The number of potential users is small, but the market segment is quite lucrative and accordingly fiercely contested.

Over the years, Recommind had gained a very good reputation among lawyers through targeted marketing. However, the company now wanted to reach decision-makers at management level through focused PR and thereby open up new sales channels. 


The PR programme for Recommind started with several challenges. First, there was rarely any hard news. Second, customers were reluctant to talk about their use of the solution, and finally, product news were of no interest to media, not even for tech journalists. They used to say: "That's way too specific for our readers!" The PR strategy therefore had to solve the following three problems:

Make e-discovery relevant for a broad, business audience
Make inroads to publications beyond the incumbent legal trades
Support recommind's sales efforts with PR

The key factor for the effectiveness of the Recommind campaign was that we were able to create relevancy for executives by connecting e-discovery to their everyday decision-making.

Manuela Moore, Managing Partner, Oseon



A new topic

We discussed the importance of preventive compliance checks for companies of all sizes - based on prominent scandals relating to antitrust violations and corruption cases.

A great breadth of content

A cross-media content package consisting of guest articles, user reports from law firms, explanatory films, talks and surveys highlighted the relevance of compliance for employees and employers - as well as the risks of inadequate controls.

Trustworthy allies

Attorneys from leading law firms and compliance managers from DAX30 corporations supported our campaign with their expertise and practical examples, underscoring Recommind's business case.

Presence at industry events

Recommind was a regular host or sponsor of symposia for in-house legal professionals. Wherever possible, we took the opportunity to enrich our editorial planning with new topics from such events.

Press coverage

Detektivarbeit mit Big Data

09.03.16 / PRINT
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Ehrlichkeit macht einsam

20.04.15 / PRINT

Campaign outcome

Recommind has outgrown the niche of the legal trade press. Nearly all German business journals featured our stories. Hartwig Laute, managing director of Recommind in Germany, was established as an expert for preventive compliance management. And ultimately, a significant volume of new sales could be traced back to the increased visiblity generated by our PR campaign.

Measurable ROI

Working together for more compliance awareness created close ties between Recommind and potential users. This helped our sales force win significant new deals which more than justified the investment in PR.

Peter Gottschalk,
then Head of Marketing & PR, Recommind Germany

Award-winning impact

A clear strategy and a well-thought-out sequence of campaign tactics implemented with high quality gave our campaign "In the Blind Spot" the punch that Recommind was looking for.

The jury of the PR Report Awards 2016 was convinced by the professional implementation, top-class media coverage and a clearly measurable return on investment of 1:12. The campaign therefore received praise and the prestigeous PR industry award in the Technology category.