What drives us

Positive PRogress through communication

Progress and communication go hand in hand. Because without communication that brings the new into the world, nothing will advance. We at Oseon have been shaping positive progress through professional communication for almost two decades. That's why we have a keen sense for the trends that continuously change the economy, society and the environment. For us, advancing this transformation means to embrace responsibility for a better future. Whoever pursues this goal as much as we do, is our dream client and more than welcome to get in touch.

What you may expect

Whatever your cause is, we make it our cause, too.

Tapio Liller, Founder & Managing Partner

This guiding principle captures our philosophy on how we work with our clients. We carefully assess which companies are a good fit for us so that we can work together like a team. What this means for you is that, at times, we may wrestle with you to find strategies, ideas and approaches to communications challenges that will move your business forward effectively. It is, after all, about positive progress that makes a difference; not just a pretty new coat of paint that will peel off at the next occasion. In strategy development and campaign management, we work in a radically stakeholder-oriented way and strive for uncompromising quality.

Are you Ready for Oseon? 


Manuela Moore, Managing Partner

If you want to work with us, a few things should match:

  • You're willing to work with us to find the right solution for your business. This is important to us, because a partnership of this kind produces better results that move your company forward.
  • You are aware that good communication takes time to succeed. Accordingly, you can plan and invest for the long term. Overnight miracles are someone else’s business.
  • Your planned budget matches your objectives. Because campaigns almost never fail because of lack of money, but because of the gap between expectations and the achievable effect. We would like to avoid this in your own interest.

This may sound strict to you? Perhaps. But why should we compromise where you would just as little? So let's talk about your communications challenge!