Progress with purpose

What drives us

Progress and communication go hand in hand. Because without communication that brings the new into the world, nothing will advance. We at Oseon have been shaping progress through professional communication for almost two decades. That's why we have a keen sense for the trends that continuously change the economy, society and the environment. For us, advancing this transformation means to embrace responsibility for a better future. Whoever pursues this goal as much as we do, is our dream client and more than welcome to get in touch.

Purpose-driven organisations combine progress with responsibility. as communicators we put our creativity and skills at their service.

Tapio Liller, Founder & Managing Partner

How we work 

Our motto as an owner-managed agency is "substance over swagger". That's how we act in consulting and campaign management. It's our job to ensure that complex issues are communicated in a way that they are understood and trigger action. Ideally, we can even spark enthusiasm and foster brand advocacy. All this can only be achieved with a sound communication strategy aligned with business objectives. Once the strategic foundations are in place, we're happy to add some sparkle.

Part of the substance we offer is that we care a lot about long-term collaboration with our clients. We make our clients' causes our own. And that works: Many of our clients have been with us for 6 years and more. We couldn't wish for a better proof of quality.

Collaboration in partnership is the key to joint success. That's why we make your cause our cause.

Manuela Moore, Managing Partner

what you can expect from us

What does all this mean for you as a client, specifically? Quite simply, with Oseon you get

  • a PR and digital agency with the ambition to be among the best when it comes to creativity, quality and impact of our campaigns;
  • experienced senior counsel and strategic substance;
  • creativity that solves your communication problem;
  • and a stable team with a passion for responsible progress.

Sounds good? Then let's talk!

As a partner-managed agency, we grow through long-term client relationships and recommendations. All this is underpinned by our stable team.

Gerrit Breustedt, Partner